Welcome To BajaSonic

A family own Bussines for more than 30 Years, working on TV, Radio, Live Events, Audio & Video Productions in comercial & artistic proyects arround the world. Strategic partners in other areas, give us the ability to produce from idea to final product, + marketing and special events.

As a socially aware company, we care about our community, we have work for the last 20 years investing in the future of our children through Movimiento Satelite, Luna California Foundation and California Vive La Música, where we develop talents, attend and provide artistic scholarships and other incentives.

We balance digital technology with analog warm in all of our proyects, including, secuence music, live players, photography, digital editing, illustration, animation according to a specific client need or budget, making shure that the final product is at our highest standards in quality.

With a solid team of talented musicians, arrangers, singers, videographers, enginerrs, editors & producers from both Californias and arround the world working local and online. We can provide specific services as remote sessions, production, mixing, editing & mastering.

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