Welcome to Camalu.

Once again, welcome to Camalu, we hope that your stay here is what you expected and  come back and/or recommend us.  Below you will read the details on the use for the different areas, services and general operation of the premises.  

1. - Access. We will provide a set of keys which include, the main door and the entrance gate. We advise that the service door of the apartment stay closed, the door is only for main house usage.

2. - Entertainment. We have the following entertainment subscriptions for your enjoyment which include the following:


Amazon Movies


Curiosity Network

Disney Channel

YouTube Premium

 Please access the TV set and the services under the GUEST ACCOUNT.

Access Name






You will be provided two Internet access connections, in which, we advise you to save both accesses in your equipment. Base on the access point around the apartment, your device will switch automatically to the connection with best reception. Below we provided the two internet accesses names and passwords.

3. - LAUNDRY. We do not advertise laundry facilities, since we still do not have the ritgh set up for this, but we may happily take care of the laundry  ourselves for your bedsheets, blankets, and towels weekly.  For personal clothes we may recommend a service in Rosarito that is close by. Tania uses this service, you can contact her .

4. - UTILITIES. There is a light switch at the entrance that controls the outside and living room area. We ask that you maintain the first switch on at all times based on the fact that the light is automated. You will see a four panel switch in the hall way going towards the bathroom, this has an external light (first switch of the bottom row) that we ask you to be turn on at night.

Based that our water is not supplied by the city, but  by a natural well,  Water is considered a high cost in this area, and we ask you to consider this  without limiting your necessities.

5. – Kitchen Supplies. For your convenience we provided you with all the necessary utensils for your cooking needs, this including:

Burner Stove

Microwave oven

Toaster oven

Set of pans

Set of plates

Sliver wear

Set of glasses & coffee cups


6. – Cleaning. For long stays we do not provide cleaning supplies (but cleanning tools ) nor cleaning services.  In case that you need this service there is a 25-dollar fee provided by an external service that we can cordinate for you in case that you need it. Otherwise you are welcome to maintain the inside premises yourself. 

7. – Privacy. This is very important to us, we want that our clients have comfort and respect their privacy, for this we have provided in this graphic how the areas are distributed in the premises.



NOTE. We can arrange by request the use of the back yard for (Studio Area), in general we stay inside and we go outside occasionally to clean, do any improvements, work in the garden, relax etc., we will respect the front area of the apartment for your use, and only as a ocasional transit area.

Once again, welcome to Camalu and we hope that your stay here is what you expected coming back or recommending  us. Thank you.

To request optional services such as homemade food, laundry service, transportation and other services or questions please request it via WhatsApp at 664.355.3215. You may also reach out to Tania at 664.385.3222 if needed.