1.- Do not smoke. It is a recommendation to highly consider implementing this rule, because smoking in closed spaces leads to bad odors, risk of burns on furniture, facilities or even a possible source of fire. So the smells or the wear of the furniture can lead to negative evaluations of other users, and additional costs for the guests.

2.- Report damage immediately. In the event that any problem arises, whether caused by the guests or not, it is important that they report it to you as soon as possible via phone or WhatsApp with Mario 664.355.3215 or Lucy 661.117.8539. As small as it may be, it has to be taken care of quickly, to prevent the damage from becoming greater or causing an accident to the guests.

3.- NO Parties, loud noises or music. In this space, which is in a quiet area with retired residents, artists and merchants, it is not allowed to hold parties or meetings inside the apartment. The purpose of this space is to rest, temporary jobs, visit relatives, or visits from merchants, retired couples on vacation, etc.

4.- Respect the departure time. Since we dedicate time to cleaning the place to give the same quality in attention to the guest who is about to arrive, it is important to respect the agreed departure time that is defined at 11:00 AM, however we have flexibility if requested and is available.

5.- Always reserve the Right of Admission. We reserve the right of admission, both at the entrance and within the department, to people who do not abide by the rules that have been established or who carry out an activity that may lead to legal problems.

6.- Take out the garbage on days assigned to do it. There is a container in a special place to take out your garbage in the morning on the days that require it. You can leave your garbage at the door and we will take care of it by sending us a message through Whats App , if needed, otherwise we will take care after Checkout.