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Mario Lagsbartt (Engineer-Producer -Social Entrepreneur)

  Mario is a Music, Radio, TV, Video, Audio Producer, and Social Promoter + an Executive Dreamer.

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Mario has been active as a music producer, songwriter, arranger, orchestrator, radio, TV, creative consultant, and audio visual producer for the last 40 years. Produced and arranged for vocalists and instrumentalists of all levels and has collaborated with industry professionals around the world.

His musical career started Oct 13 of 1968 when he attended The Tijuana Pop Festival in Playas de Tijuana (Chicago Transit Authority, Animals and others) where he grew up, at that moment and with all the prior influences lived in El Meson de Las Playas owned by his father where his playroom was the rehearsals of musical groups like Moonlights, Los Alabastrinos, Camisas Blancas, Combo Casino, Tijuana Brass, and many others exploded in his head and decided to be a musician from there on.

In his early days, he was part of several bands in Tijuana in Middle and High School, later on, he went to study in the US and collaborate with several progressive music groups in San Diego while attending Southwestern College and later UCSD, where he studied Electronic Music and recording technology, after that, he ventured down in Mexico to the Conservatorio de Las Rosas. His first inclination as a producer started with the project Mr. Sunset, later on, a tour through the South of Mexico and Central America as a keyboard player with Emmanuel, Johnny Laboriel, and others.

In between going back and forth to México City and other places in México he also started a career in sales, installation, and service of musical equipment in "Apex Music", a legendary music store in San Diego. Also in those years work with recognized guitarist and composer Daniel Tuchman in La Paz and other bands, recording several sessions and growing his production skills.

After returning to Tijuana and always looking for new creative ways of doing music, he worked in the main studios in Tijuana evolving as an engineer at "Studio Laser" with Jaime Cardenas and Sergio Serrano, "Studio 83" with Manuel Estudillo and AudioArte with Yadrian, where he was a founder and designer, some of the projects include regional artists and a couple of years producing for Valores Bacardi and OTI Music Festival, Mercado Negro, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Layo Javier, Bobby Cardozo, and many others. In the following 3 years, he also alternated his engineering career doing performances with the famous group "Los Moonlights" touring in Mexico and the USA and recorded an album in the US with the group. He also formed a band with legendary musician Pajaro Alberto and performed in the famous “Mikes Bar” in Revolución Street in Tijuana.

One of the main responsible for the rock-pop movement in the 80’s in Baja he created the first Label and Recording studio with cutting edge technology by the sea. Quarzo Records, Label and Studio, with regional and foreign artists like Kumara, Artefacto (Nortec), Lobo Negro, Raxx, Todavía, Wonze, Esfinges, Reina Soledad, Mal Paso, Raúl Castillo, Mario Tadeo, Tucanes de Tijuana, Arturo Huizar, and many more.

As an entrepreneur founded two record labels one in San Diego, California and another in Mexico. In the US with the PalMusic Label, produced World Music and Latin Jazz artists like Bill McPherson, Nee Sackey from Zaire, Jaime Valle from Mexico, Agape from el Caribe, and other productions with international guests like, Alex Acuña, Ernie Wats, Ricardo Silveira, Yellow Jackets, Justo Almario, Abraham Laboriel, Grant Geissman, Patty Labelle, Hollis Gentry, Carlos Guedes and others (with a nomination in the World Music category at the Grammy’s).

Around the same years did several live recordings for special projects with Televisa, including, Los Tigres del Norte, Maldita Vecindad, Los Humildes, Mana and others.

A few years later he participated in the development of Signature Sound Studio and became studio manager,  also founded Lagsbartt & Phillips with his partner from Venezuela Allan Phillips, they produced and/or recorded many south California artists like Floyd Rose, Agape, Icris Witch, Voice of The Homeless, Serene Scream, Fried Bananas, Bruce Cameron, Marilli Hall, Hollis Gentry, Fat Burger, Christian Castro, Steve Gentry, Duncan More, Magic Mountain, Red Flag and many more, and also produced several campaigns like Coke, Multivisión, Televisa, Univision, Canal 12 Tijuana, Telemundo, Milano, FM98.1, Radio Latina, TV Azteca, Orange Crush and others.

In the TV and advertising industry, he produced and composed music/sound design for Telnor, Telmex, Peñafiel, Onetel, Coca Cola, South Bell, Discovery Channel, USA Network, Televisa, 20th Century Fox, Dr. Scholl’s, Teasdale, Network Music, MTV, Hip Entertainment and many more, including, orchestra, film and digital sound design, receiving “El Galardón a la Mercadotecnia " for the work done with his company and partners as an advertising and production agency, producing, press, film, and music Intermedia Grupo Creativo at the opening of the market of telephony with Telnor in 1998 with the classic campaign with personalities like Lupita Jones, Jaime Valle, Raul Ramirez, and others and the Public Relations guru Jorge D’Garay.

In the Music Library industry, Mario worked for the largest international music library company, "Network Music" where he produced more than 20 albums in most of the Latin genres today and also participate as the Musical Director for Latin America. In the Radio industry, he created, managed, directed and produced the radio station in San Diego Galaxy 91.7, a soft rock radio station rated number one several times, also created with radio guru and entrepreneur and his mentor Victor Diaz owner of Califormula Radio Group the top rated Classic Music Radio Station XLNC1, produce several programs, and promotional campaigns for Z90 (Hip-hop, R&B and top 40), Radio Latina (Latin hits), La Mexicana and others. He also operated as the director of new technologies for Radio Latina, Z90 and XLNC

An active engineer consultant in the development of technology for the broadcasting of audio/video over the internet, and as a construction engineer, design and consultant of several recording studios in California and Baja California: in Tijuana, AudioArte, Quarzo, EQ Audio e Imagen, in San Diego: Studio West, Califormula Radio Group and the Sunset Pictures Studio in Hollywood, also working with his partner Allan Phillips in several music scores and sound effects proyects for movies with 20TH Century Fox and independent film companies.

As an engineer, remixer and music producer he has credits like Mana, Abraham Laboriel, Voz de Mando, Ricky Martín, Luis Enrique, Charlie Bravo, Mar Castro, Oscar Athie, Kenny O’Brien, Rogelio Martinez, Lucia Méndez, Amaury Pérez, Manoela Torres, Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Gualberto Castro, Red Flag, Patty Labelle, Mar Castro, Carlos Guedes, Ricardo Silveria, Ernie Watts, Justo Almario, and others, as a result, he has received 3 Grammy Nominations. In the late 90’s Mario, Fritz Torres and Jorge Verdín created CHA3 an alternative project of visuals audio and music, and one of their classic creations was the production of “El Sueño de La Gallina” a CD and Magazine project with a mix of styles ranging from norteño to electronic in what was later known as the beginning of Nortec, that evolves later on after a few months when Mario convinced Pepe Moog and Bostich to experiment with norteño and Banda sound, later Niño Estudillo and Luis Elorza provide them with analog multitrack tapes from banda and norteño recordings, where Mario work for a few years, this was a natural idea that was born out of the CD "El Sueño de La Gallina", where Mario mixed norteño with electronic and rock, in those days he couldn't convince anyone to actually mix both styles into a song, but later on after many visits from Pepe Moog to his Bonita Studio decided to try it out, the rest is history.

As a promoter and producer of massive events has credits in association with Audio Sistemas de Tijuana, West Sound Co. and Mundo AudioVisual with such artist like: Vicente Fernández, Fabulosos Cadillacs, Panteón Rococó, Banda El Recodo, Elefante, Gustavo Cerati, La Ley, Miguel Bose, Ana Torroja, Backstreet Boys, Tucanes de Tijuana, Los Tigres del Norte, Juan Gabriel, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Soda Estereo, Emmanuel, Mijares, Ricardo Arjona, Alejandro Fernández, Maldita Vecindad, Tolidos, Enanitos Verdes, Jaguares, José José, Rafael, Reik, Armando Manzanero, Guadalupe Pineda, Yuri, Rocio Durcal, Alejandra Guzmán, Belanova, Air Supply, Raul Di Blasio, Julieta Venegas, Francisco Cespedes and others.  

For the last 20 years, Mario has joined the video entertainment world producing music videos, documentary work, outgoing TV programs for the Latin Market in San Diego and Tijuana area for Telemundo, Televisa, Sintesis TV, and created music and visuals for USA Network, MTV and Discovery Channel, obtaining a Promax and several Clios plus a collective Emmy with recognized Hispanic TV Producer Beatriz Acevedo from HIP TV, now known as Mitu Network with 5 billion hits a month, one of his main projects at that time was Plaza Sésamo Latin America.

In the beginning of the millennium Mario design, build and operates the most advanced studio in North-West in Mexico with the latest technology around in those days eQ Audio e Imagen, having a recognition for the technical design by Mix Magazine, and produced and created a label call Primo Music with his associate Mario Quintero (Tucanes de Tijuana), he produced another batch of regional talent as always giving the opportunity to the new generations to expose their talents.

In the education field, Mario founded the first artistic center in Baja dedicated to teach, music, production, acting, dance, radio, TV and leadership and technology to kids 8 to 16 in Centro Artístico Satélite, where the kids had hands on with a radio and video studio + participations in TV, Radio, events and more.}

Mario also has collaborated producing promotional work with several organizations that work with social causes dedicated to children and teens.

Mario is dedicated to promote young talent and social causes through Movimiento Satélite, a project with more than 16 years working with kids and many achievements in the industry at an international level with artists that have worked with him.

Movimiento Satélite has undertaken several campaigns aimed at promoting social causes for non-profit organizations related to the problems and the future of children and their environment such as Hospital Infantil de Las Californias, Fundación Castro Limón, DIF, Unicef, Pasitos, Museo del Trompo, Brigada Ecológica, Fundación Que Transforma, Expo Ambiente, Museo del Hombre, Teletón, Cruz Roja, Manos Entrelazadas, Make a Wish, Kids for Peace, Club de Niños y Niñas de México, Ciudad de Los Niños and others.

On the artistic side, Movimiento Satélite and its artists have participated in major artistic projects like Sesame Street, Código Fama, Bailando por Un Sueño, Discovery Kidz, Rebelde La Novela, La Rosa de Guadalupe, Pequeños Gigantes, Soy tu Doble, La Academia 10, The Voice, La Voz Mexico, La Banda, different national and international dance competitions, music records, and several social campaigns in Televisa, Telemundo, Síntesis TV, Radio, Newspapers and other media, and produced their own TV and Radio Shows for more than 5 years, plus CD recordings, events and more.

In association with Marco Antonio Regil the most successful TV conductor in Latin America is work in Luz de Amor, a project to promote the well been of all of us with love and understanding, this with his new associate Miranda Mendi with only 11 years of age with incredible talent as a communicator with the support of several leaders of the community in Tijuana's surroundings and also the main media players.

Today he is working in association with his youngest son Alesis, creating music and video for different artists locally, and from the US, in Jazz as a Production Director in The Jazz Network, regionally producing Rock, Pop, and other genres and several comercial campaigns for national companies and working as a consultant in the audio and recording industry, developing TV, radio, media and more.

In 2012 obtained a position at the Centro de Artes Musicales de B.C. where he design and build a state of the arts studio and a position as a Music and Video Production Director gives him the opportunity to support with more tools the local and regional talent with quality production, a estate of the art audio/video studio and resources to promote the work of local musicians.

Desde Baja California Sesiones Musicales in collaboration with Instituto de Cultura de Baja California has been developed to give local music projects the exposure in a professional live recording sessions and at the same time leave a legacy of music for the future generations, besides this California Vive La Música has been working on several projects with artists from a variety of styles that are making a difference, and also providing scholarships to Children to develop their musical and artistic skills, 75 songs have been recorded live in audio and video, produced by Mario and his sons, Rael, Tania, and Alesis.

Today he is the leader of a new concept in communication systems, California Network. A proyect that will only distribute positive content in association with independent producers from the region. Also in association with his mentor Jorge Luna with a Foundation Luna California for the Arts concentrated on our future generations. 

California Vive La Música his  more important proyect with more than 100 music videos produced in differente genres with some of the most talented musicicians in both California, a NON PROFIT organization working togheter with Fundación Luna California. 

As a new partner amd Production Director with Defiant Cymbal Factory, this proyect will deliver a new vision and mission to bring good music and invest in our future musicians and citizens, working with some of the top internationl drummers to promote Defiant products, lead by drummer Luis Huerta, with 6 Grammys in his carrer.

One of Mario's strongest and most strategic points is to have in his family and an additional production team that collaborates on specific projects with him. The latest projects are being carried out in co-production with his youngest son who at his young age is currently a production coordinator in a company in San Diego that is dedicated to distribute educational content in audio and video, with 18 employees under his responsibility.

Today as a regional organization for the arts, Fundación Luna California represents the new technology for NTFs with his strategic partner LifeChain, the most advanced venture in crytpo Technology in México. a new venture, life mission with is soul partner the international recognized Artist Jorge Luna. Their main vission is to provide regional kids with art scholarships, and support plastic art and music artists in their talent, with exposure and production facilities.

As a result he has a solid international career and several recognitions like: Emmy’s, San Diego Music Awards, a ProMax and 3 Grammy nominations, plus others in the cultural Latin World.

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